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Message to Teachers

Thank you for recommending your students to the 2023 NCSC.

  • You may recommend up to a total of ten participants from different sub-groups.

  • A separate form needs to be filled out to recommend students in another school you teach.

  • A recommendation code for each of the recommended students will be sent out within 48 hours. Please forward the recommendation code to your student. 


  • 每位老师可以推荐不同组别的学生,推荐学生总数不超过10名;

  • 如果您在两所以上的学校教学,请以每个学校为单位分别填写推荐表格,推荐学生总数也不能超过10 名;

  • 您提交推荐表后24小时之内会收到推荐码。推荐码每名学生一个,不可混用。请您将推荐代码转发给学生,让学生自己报名,提交比赛材料。

Recommend Students by Grade-level Groups

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