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Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

for 2024 NCSC and Companion Talent Show



1.Who is eligible to participate in the 2024 NCSC? 

All U.S. grade 3 through grade 12 and college-level Chinese language learners are invited to participate in this contest.

  • Students must be currently enrolled in a Chinese language program in a U.S. state-registered accredited school. 

  • Students who are studying Chinese in an after-school setting, or studying with private tutors are NOT eligible.

2.How can students participate in the 2024 NCSC? 

3.How long does it take to get a recommendation code? 

After the teacher submits his/her recommendation for a student, a code will be sent out within 48 hours. Please contact us if recommendation codes are not received after 48 hours.
*Each student needs an individual code.


4.How many students can a teacher recommend?  

Contestants are grouped by grade levels for the 2024 NCSC.  Each teacher can recommend up to a total of ten participants from different sub-groups with all schools he/she teaches.  For example, a secondary school teacher can recommend up to 10 students in total with any combination of the subgroups (immersion group, ethnically Chinese group, and world language group) and schools he/she teaches (middle school and high school).

5.Who belongs to the ethnically Chinese group? 

Any students who are ethnically Chinese, including the adopted Chinese children and those with a parent who is ethnically Chinese. 

6.How are the contestants selected into the finals?

After the deadline for application on Jan. 30, a group of highly experienced Chinese language experts and teachers will use the Judging Criteria (See website for description) to select the finalists based on the video materials submitted.  An invitation letter will be sent out 10 days before the contest.

7.How are the final competitions scheduled?

Due to the multiple levels of the participating students, it will take five days to complete the competition. Please see the dates below for the specific dates and time.

8.Can students present the same speech materials submitted in the application when entering the final competitions? Can the materials be modified?

Students can use the same topics and materials they prepared for the application if they enter the final competitions.  They can also modify and improve the content if they wish to do so. 

9.Can teachers, parents, and friends help the contestants in preparing for the speech?

Contestants should prepare for their own speech as much as possible, and get necessary help from their teachers.  Contestants must own the content and exhibit full comprehension of the materials.  Although a speech is a presentational task, contestants in the final competitions will be asked to respond to some questions at their language proficiency levels to exhibit some interpersonal language skills.

10.Why is there a call for talent show performance? 

2024 NCSC will feature Chinese cultural performances during its final competitions to provide a platform for more schools and students to display students' talents and teachers' creativity.  These videos will also add to the celebration as we congratulate all participants of the speech contest and the success of this national event. 

11.Who can submit a talent show performance?

 All Chinese learners, including students who are not participating in the 2024 NCSC, from grade K through college, are welcome to submit videos. The talent performance videos are optional for the NCSC contestants and will NOT affect the scores of the speech competition. Group performances are welcome. Teachers and schools can also submit the videos on behalf of their students, provided that there are appropriate signed media release consent forms.  

12.How can one submit a talent show performance video?

Instructions for submitting a talent show performance video are posted on the website. Talent performance videos from 2023 are also posted on the webpage for your reference.  

13. Will the contestants need to answer questions in the finals?

Contestants would need to answer questions posed by the judges in the finals following their speech presentation. These questions are related to the contestants’ speech and/or about their daily life at their proficiency levels. 

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